• From the Editor's Desk


    By Maurice Mierau

    Last October I heard about a young Canadian fiction writer named D.W. Wilson winning the inaugural BBC National Short Story Award ($24,000 prize!) MORE >

  • Offshore Drilling: Reviews In Translation

    Dead Cat and Delusional Thinking

    By Jeff Bursey

    A main feature of Jean-Philippe Toussaint’s novels (at least, in English) is the way, as one reads, his sentences shape how the reader thinks while reading MORE >

  • Stage and Craft

    Laughing and Crying: The Comic and Dramatic Shows of the 2012 Winnipeg Fringe Festival

    By Stephanie Adamov

    The Winnipeg Fringe Festival has a performance for every type of theatre-goer. MORE >

  • Stage and Craft

    School and War: The Musicals of Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2012

    By Stephanie Adamov

    As the sun set on the twelfth day, Chuck McEwen gazed across Old Market Square and saw that it was good. MORE >

  • Stage and Craft

    Break out the Walkman and the Kolomeyka

    Footloose presented by Rainbow Stage, Monday June 18, 2012

    Reviewed by Stephanie Adamov  MORE >

  • Stage and Craft

    Bus Going West, In Service

    Westbound: Stories at a Bus Stop, performed by Evolve Dance Company at the Park Theatre, June 8, 2012

    Reviewed by Stephanie Adamov  MORE >

  • The Downlow on Parnassus


    By Lori Cayer

    I recently culled my massive collection of poetry books. I mean no offense MORE >

  • Up on the Farm


    By Heather Walker

    I crave an apocalypse. Not the sort where the earth implodes, or even the kind that wipes out half the population and creates a Lord of the Flies society. MORE >

  • Youthful Appetite

    What YA Writers are Reading this Summer

    By Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

    If you are an author, summertime is a time with deadlines looming in the far distance. MORE >

  • Youthful Appetite

    What’s a Tiffin?

    By Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

    On the cover of The Tiffin is a photo of a young hand clasping the handles of what looks like two battered tin pails. MORE >

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